Growth with Preservation

For many of our families, the wealth they have created and earned is the wealth they will have for the remainder of their lifetime. While growth is another critical ingredient to success, equally, if not more important, is preservation of that wealth.

Multiple market corrections and severe bear markets during our decades of experience have taught us that downside mitigation is of utmost importance. It is not only important to the long term health of a portfolio, but also to the psyche of our families.

It is important that an investment strategy has been stress tested under various conditions. Those conditions can include stock volatility, recessions, inflation, rising and falling interest rate environments, and geopolitical risks. We use one of the financial industry's most sophisticated modeling tools to replicate these environments to determine how our designed portfolios react in various scenarios.

Our team then combines those results with world class research from Raymond James. We incorporate the economic and financial outlooks for the overall markets and then adjust our portfolios accordingly and regularly.

Our investment process incorporates a diversified approach using both active and passive investment strategies. Specifically, we create portfolios using a combination of proprietary, research driven, equity models, mutual funds, and ETFs. For those families with the appetite and understanding of alternative investments, we have the capabilities to add private equity components.

Concentrated stock positions, whether created from years of investing, executive award programs, or inheritance, can create a multitude of concerns. These include liquidity, tax, and risk concerns. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with these common apprehensions for our successful families. We use various tools and strategies to help assuage these concerns, including Net Unrealized Appreciation and Exchange Funds.